Saturday, 25 April 2015

Wood Warbler(s) Steal the Show...

I had planned to spend today looking for, watching and hopefully photographing Wood Warblers. I did have a little look for them last weekend but didn't give it that long and so this morning was all about the Warblers.

Every spring during late May, Steve B and myself spend a weekend in the forest catching up the New Forest Summer Selection Specialities and we always spend time looking for Wood Warblers of which we usually score but numbers are dramatically down within the Forest during recent years and so today was a good sign with 2 individuals singing & announcing their arrival. A 3rd bird was also seen within the vicinity.

I did check for any colour ringed individuals but none were noted today but who knows? maybe some might pass through the area on route to northern climes.

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to photograph Wood Warblers and so I am half happy with the results but they are very mobile at times and when up high can be very tricky to get decent light in the shot

Another good day in the forest with Wood Warblers taking the league leaders position and Firecrest dropping down in to second position. Redstarts were present but remained elusive every time the camera was ready. Coal Tits, Tree Creepers, Siskins & Crossbills all added to the mix with Common Buzzards passing over head from time to time. 

Below shows one of the Firecrest shots from today. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sun Shines, Slvia Sings...

Had a wander through one the high heaths of the forest today and despite the chilling north east wind it was pretty warm in the sheltered spots. Dartford Warblers were pretty abundant today with birds almost appearing to sing from every gorse bush. 

Other bits seen today:

Hobby 1 - North of Acres
Redstart - several cracking males
Firecrest -
Tree Pipit -
Cuckoo 1
Marsh Tit 2
Tree Creeper-
Siskin 1
Willow Warbler-

Covered a lot of sites and ground today and thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings, the sun and fresh air.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Couple of Gems and Not from Hatton Garden.

It was nice to get out and amongst some timber today as I had been wishing to try a new area within the Forest that I have not been to before. So I was pleased to bump in to at least 12 Firecrests all pumping out some song.

Also had my first Redstarts & Wilow Warblers of the year which all brought a splash of colour and some song to a rather plessant day.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Firecrest in Leaf Litter.

After a couple of glorious days it really was time to get out, grab some fresh air and try some "clicking" and this little gem stole the show and worthy of solo slot here on a very poorly-updated blog. 

I have only seen Firecrest on the ground once before and so to have this individual feeding really was appreciated.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Day 2 on the Farm

After the Hobby performance yesterday I thought it would be best to advise Steve A and give him the opportunity to grab a few shots. So I called him up and he said was busy with his painting plans BUT he was now changing his plans.

The farm of this site is private but I was granted access back in May I have had previous access to this farm since back in 2002 and I have been keeping an eye on this species  within the area on and off since 1995 thanks to Jeff S.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from today. 

Above shows Steve A "locking on" to one the two juveniles present today and below is some shaky footage.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hobbies Fledge.

I was just having the first cuppa of the day when Adam W telephoned me to say he was closeby and asked if I was around for a cuppa, of course a cuppa with Adam is a must and so shortly after Adam arrived and after a couple more cups of Tea we decided to go and see any of the young Hobbies were still around.

The nest was empty and the area seemed void of any life to begin with but after a short time of scanning 2 fine juvenile Hobbies were located. At one point an adult and the 3rd juvenile put in a brief appearance but these juvs have been out of the nest for just on 8 days now but still sticking to the field of the nest site. 

I must admit it has been really good to have spent the summer with these birds from when the adults arrived back in the area during May through until the end of August and seeing the juveniles flying around and hunting for themselves. An insight to a "subbuteo summer" has been superb. 

Above shows the area I have spent a lot of time this smmer and I have included the photo below just to show how the nape patches are so large and buffy looking on this juvenile. 

The adult female of this pair of Hobbies had tiny white nape patches and she was wearing a BTO type metal ring on her lower right leg. Shame I never got close enough to read this code.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pygmy Owl.

They come in pairs, the last time I saw a Pygmy Owl was the same day I saw a Hawk Owl back 2005. This bird has been present for a while but has been difficult to see at times and so Vincent, Rob, Roland, Sam and I were keen to try for this bird on the first day of 2014. Photo above by Rob Ter Ellen.

Above shows you the area nearby to where this bird is spending time and below shows Rob & Vincent celebrating seeing the Pygymy Owl which was a Dutch new species for them both.

A little wander through the woods produced a few Crossbills, Nuthatches and then these two hooligans below appeared out of the woods which was nice to see them both again.

One last final look at the Pygmy Owl which had moved from the original area and re-located but was obscured. Photo below was the best I could do with my iPhone through Robs scope. A great start to the year of 2014.