Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Lodmoor@the Weekend.

After leaving Holes Bay I wasn't quite sure exactly where to head next and so after a cuppa I decided to head on to Lodmoor and test the scope out on the Lesser Legs, if it were to show that is, reports had been sporadic of late. 

Arrival at Lodmoor was a grey affair but quiet with hardly any one around, It also seemed quiet bird wise with just 17 Dunlin feeding closeby. No sign of the Lesser Legs so I decided to grab a bite to eat on the bench over looking the west scrape. Then I could hear the Lesser Legs calling and then sure enough it flew in, the usual distance allowing some video footage but still just to far for any photos. I stayed watching the bird as it moved in, out and behind some clumps of reeds, then it took flight and dropped behind one of the bunds and out of sight, but then I could hear it calling again and it flew in on one of the other pools. As I walked down to relocate it, it was present feeding but then just started walking towards me, I quickly grabbed the camera out of the bag and started clicking, this is the best and closest I have seen this bird and I was really pleased with this, then the 5 Ruff flew in shortly followed by the 17 Dunlin as they all fed  which then just set a nice scene. A female Sparrowhawk flew through low and fast causing all the waders to spook and fly off and so with this I decided to walk back along the beach to see if there was any Divers in the bay and then on to Radipole where plenty of Meds and a few Bearded's were on offer and then as the day turned to night I myslef called it a day and headed for home after a successful day and some good, not all, results in the premiership the day ended well watching MOTD.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Holes Bay.

Having received my scope back from Swarovski, repaired and in great condition (like to add that the level of customer service from Swarovksi still remains excellent and again they also carried out more repairs than what I requested) I was keen to get out and test it out, also with the snow in the north and central regions of the country I wanted to be out. I decided to get amongst some waders and went to Holes Bay. 

A nice sized Dunlin flock present of several hundred birds but couldn't find anything different amongst them, however they were distant at best but at least it allowed me to give the scope a proper test run.

Blackwits were present and allowed close viewing but no blingers present today. 4 Spoonbill, Wigeon, Pintail, Teal were in large gatherings 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Greater & Lesser Yellow Legs - photo file updated.

The video clips above & below shows the juv Lesser Legs at Lodmoor, Dorset, October & November 2017.

The above image & video below was taken at Lagoa Junco, Terceira, Azores, February 2011. 


The 2 images below were taken at Anchorage, Alaska May 2010. I have only seen a few Greater Yellow Legs, the first was on the river Brue, Carlisle, October 94. Then it was a long barren spell until the individual in the below image at Anchorage, Alaska, June 2010 and then the next individual was the stunner above.

The Lesser above was taken at the Cabo da Praia quarry, Terciera, Azores, September 2011 and the set of images below were also taken at the Cabo da Praia quarry, Terciera, Azores February 2011.

The above photo is of a juvenile Lesser Yellow Legs alongside a juvenile White Rumped Sandpiper at the Cabo da Praia quarry, Terceira, Azores, October 2010. The below photos are of 2 Juvenile birds at Lagoa Ginal, Terceira, Azores, September 2010.

The below photos are of an adult bird at Basher lake, Anchorage, Alaska, June 2010. There were 2 pairs nesting within this area of Taiga forest which is just on the edge of town. Also a pair of Solitary Sandpipers were present here and whilst I was taking these photos Wilsons Snipe were drumming over head.

The bird above was tarpped, ringed, colour ringed and had a geolocator installed. Also samples of feathers were taken.

Above image shows you typical Taiga forest habitat that Lesser Yellow Legs nest in, Anchorage, Alaska 2010.   

The below video clip is of the 2 juveniles at Lagoa Ginjal, Terceira, Azores, September 2010, there was alos a Wood Sandpiper present this day. 

I have seen many Lesser Yellow Legs but the exepetional  observations include my first Lesser Yellow Legs I saw was with Lee Dingain at Farlington Marshes, Hampshire, September 1986, A sring bird at Cley in May 94? Thames estuary at East Tilbury, January 1999 and a count of 7 at Cabo Da Praia Quarry, Terceira, Azores, September 2011 where birds were litterally appearing to fly in off the sea and in to quarry calling constantly.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 - For Sale. SOLD

Only 14 Months old, and as I knew I would be selling them I got them serviced recently byZeiss in Germany, 
Optically mint condition, with Box, Case, Neoprene strap, Zeiss Lens Cloth, Warranty Card and all supporting 
documents.A few very minor marks (more like blemishes) on the outside but only minor and really in good 
condition please see all photos attached,the last two photos show the marks/blemishes and like I said, boxed 
with all documents and warranty card etc. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hengistbury Head 24/11/17.

Decided to go back for seconds of the Purps at Hengstbury Head today, beng a week day I thought it would be quieter and it turned out to be a good shout as it was a lot quieter with less people around but unfortuantley there was less Purps with just a single bird visible/present today. I decided to take up position and just wait as this individual was feeding up before having an ealy afternoon roost. I decided to settle in and make a brew but when I looked up the bird had gone/moved and then, there it was about 10ft from me feeding on one of the rock pools. This individual walked by me three times totally unpreturbed by my presence. I have uploaded several different shots taken from today with different compositions just to provide an idea of the set up and I think the shot below is my favourite from today.

Also today:

Sandwich Tern 1
RT Diver 1