Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Semi Palmated Sandpiper (Photographic Library)

The photo above is of a Juvenile bird at Cabo da Praia quarry, Terceira,October 2010, This, to me seems quite a long billed individual and the bill does not seem to be dissimilar in size and structure to that not so far off of a Western, also if you look at the bill length of the Azores birds and the Alaska birds you do get an idea of the difference in bill length between east and west coast birds. The 2 photos below is of an adult bird at the same location but in September 2010.
The selection of photos below is of adult birds at the Arctic breeding grounds of Cape Krusenstern, Alaska, June 2010.
The photo above and below photos are of different adult birds singing and holding territory in the eskimo town of Kotzebue, Alaska, June 2010.
The above and below photos of this adult bird in the hand were also taken at Cape Krusenstern, Kotzebue, Alaska, June 2010. The birds were trapped, colour & flag ringed as well as having feather and blood samples taken before being released.
This individual was a real treat in the hand and didn't make any fuss what so ever. I would even go as far as to say this individual really did have a personality and character.
The photo above and 2 below was of another nesting bird. This individual was nesting within the compound of Kotzebue airport grounds! In the photo below you can clearly see three of the eggs.
The video footage below is of one of the males holding territory, singing from a disued tyre in the garden of one the eskimo settlements in the town of Kotzebue, Alaska, June 2010.

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