Sunday, 11 December 2011

5 Nordmans Greenshank @ Krabi 11/12/11

Currently passing through Krabi from Koh Lanta and so had already scheduled a visit out in to the estuary to look for Nordmans Greenshank again. Last night was a full moon with a lunar eclipse (pretty impressive) and so the tides are very high at the moment. I now feel confident that I have worked out the favoured feeding area for Nordmans Greenshank in the outer river-mouth of the estuary. I have seen Nordmans at this same location on 4 consecutive visits and I currently believe this is the best area to get good prolonged views within the whole estuary complex. This is a feeding area for Nordmans before they go to roost at high tide. Today I was lucky enough to have 5 Nordmans together and also 3 Common Greenshank.

Image above shows a Nordmans and the image below showing a Common Greenshank. These photos were taken about an hour after sunrise and so the light was quite harsh and difficult to counter against. Also due to the bright sunlight I had to have the sun behind me which actually meant I was on the tideline with the birds feeding in small shallow pools. Instead of myself being in position and waiting for the birds to get pushed up in my direction today it was the other way and I was the one being pushed in to the birds by the incoming tide.
Image below shows both a Nordmans (right) and a Common Greenshank and also a Nordmans in the top right hand corner. I am not happy with this photo and have only included it here for comparison. Apart the usual features Note: how the tertials cloak the primary tips on Nordmans, and where they fall short in comparison on Common Greenshank leaving more of the primary tips visible.
Today I stood watching the birds foraging and feeding and learnt that Nordmans are quite aggressive and vocal against each other when feeding. When foraging they are totally acceptable of each other and also the accompanying Common Greenshanks.

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