Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Digital Under-Water Photography Course.

Today I did my "Go Under water digital photography course with Scuba-Fish dive company, Koh Lanta, Thailand. I must say I totally enjoyed the course and 2 dives at Koh Ha. The course was pretty much based around a first time-beginer underwater photographer. The main things worked on were auto & manual White Balance and Flash photography features that I never use above the surface. Also how to get in to postion, using the light etc. Here are some of today's better photos and please remember this was my first attempt at under-water-digital photography.

Image above is one of my favourites from today, this was taken using a flash to enhance the colours at a depth of around 16 metres.

After taking shots of the under-water scenery it was time to move on to moving subjects such as the Angel fish above and the photos below.

This Moray looked pretty mean but allowed close in shots below shows it with a cleaner fish that was present and even inside its mouth at times.

Puffer-Fish above and below.

Above shows a Scorpion fish and these are not to messed with and below, well below was the high-light for me personally on the 2nd dive when this Hawksbill Turtle swam close by and began feeding close-by. Just wished I had used the flash!

Then we moved on to Divers - above and below is Natasha the resident under-water photographer and digital underwater photo-graphic instructor. She is the "Legrand" of under-water photography.

Above and below is Viki, my instructor for the day and another instructor of the under-water digital photography. Below photo is meant to be showing a diver in silhouette but the sun rays were few and far between today.
All of the above photos were taken with the new Canon-S95 at Koh Ha today, all beneath the surface of the rock in the photo below.

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