Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nordmans Greenshank (Krabi)

Since the last post I made I have travelled over-land through Malaysia and crossed the border in to Thailand where I had planned to spend time at Krabi estuary in the hope of getting some new Nordmans Greenshank photos. I went out this morning and was fortunate to locate only one single Nordmans. It was difficult to locate a Nordmans to begin with and there was a lot more Common Greenshank and Bar Tailed Godwits present than I have seen here during my many previous visits over the years. I was against the clock as well due to the incoming tide but managed to find the individual in this set of photos within the last 45 minutes of open mud.
These are a wary / cautious wader and it takes time to be able to get in to a close enough position to allow reasonable viewing and photographic opportunities.
I first located this individual a long way out across the mudflats and it was the ghostly white appearance which first stood out and drew my attention. These are not easy to locate when having no or very little experience with this species. But the ghostly white over-all colouration of the underparts - upperparts along with the squat, short legged, heavy-robust appearance, strong / heavy, only slightly upturned & obvious 2 tone bill (compared to Common Greenshank) and also the feeding habits of the way in which Nordmans feed are more similar to that of a Terek Sandpiper than of a Common Greenshank. They really do remind me of large, heavy built Terek Sandpipers.

These really are a smart looking wader when seen well and are my favourite of the Tringa group. They also have a smart / sharp diagnostic "key-yeew" call and not the softer flutey "chew-chew" call of a Common Greenshank. There were quite a few other waders present today but I concentrated my efforts purely on trying to photograph this species. I really did enjoy my time with this individual today and so now that I have been successful with Swinhoes Plover in Penang and now Nordmans in Krabi I can move on to the next destination. (Sadly not happy with the current set of photos I have of this species and so still need to try and get some better photos and so have an excuse to return and do it all again or being totally honest- I just like watching Nordmans Greenshanks they are a class wader indeed)

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