Sunday, 18 December 2011

Southport Pelagic, Queensland, Australia.

Today Stuart and I did a pelagic out of Southport, Queensland, Australia. It was all about "Tube-noses" even if it were a little bumpy and "swelly" for me at times but produced some great views of some good birds. Image above shows a Black Winged Petrel.
Image above shows 1 of the 20+ Goulds Petrels seen today. These birds moved in and around the boat so fast it was difficult to actually stay on and follow them at times.
Image above & below shows the only Black Petrel of the day.

Image above & below shows a Great Winged Petrel and shows 2 of 3 birds present. These are a big bird and came straight in to the chum just off the back of the boat.
Image below shows a White Necked Petrel that really didn't allow great photo opportunities. Other sightings today included: 1 Kermadec Petrel, 1 Tahiti Petrel, 2 Wilsons Petrels, 1 Tropicbird SP (to high and distant) and also wedge tailed, short tailed & flesh footed shearwaters. I did also get some more photos other than those posted here but I am not happy with the quality and so decided to leave them out. (there will be a follow up note to this post at a latter date)


  1. Great trip and excellent shots! Enjoy yourself in QLD.

    Cheers, Vincent

  2. Great shots of some charismatic seabirds...

  3. Thank you Vincent and also to John for the compliments.