Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wandering Tattlers @ Caloundra 19/12/11

Went to Caloundra with Stuart today in order to hopefully see and try to photograph the Wandering Tattler's that have been present recently. We got lucky and had 2 birds present feeding in the rock pools on the edge of shore-line.

I think the image above is my favourite from todays photos as this also provides best views of the extent of the nasal groove clearly. This runs from the base of the upper-mandible to nearly three quarters of the way through. Also the base of the lower mandible appears to be lighter but this can be variable in both Wandering and Grey Tailed Tattlers.
I am quite pleased I managed to get another chance to see this species before the close of the year. I only saw my first Wandering Tattler here at Caloundra this spring. Then I got real lucky and saw them in breeding plumage on the breeding grounds in Russia and now back at their wintering grounds here in Australia. Also of note Wader-wise today was a small group of 3 Sooty Oysetcatchers as per the image below.

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