Sunday, 18 December 2011

Southport Pelagic, Queensland, Australia.

Today Stuart and I did a pelagic out of Southport, Queensland, Australia. It was all about "Tube-noses" even if it were a little bumpy and "swelly" for me at times but produced some great views of some good birds. Image above shows a Black Winged Petrel.
Image above shows 1 of the 20+ Goulds Petrels seen today. These birds moved in and around the boat so fast it was difficult to actually stay on and follow them at times.
Image above & below shows the only Black Petrel of the day.

Image above & below shows a Great Winged Petrel and shows 2 of 3 birds present. These are a big bird and came straight in to the chum just off the back of the boat.
Image below shows a White Necked Petrel that really didn't allow great photo opportunities. Other sightings today included: 1 Kermadec Petrel, 1 Tahiti Petrel, 2 Wilsons Petrels, 1 Tropicbird SP (to high and distant) and also wedge tailed, short tailed & flesh footed shearwaters. I did also get some more photos other than those posted here but I am not happy with the quality and so decided to leave them out. (there will be a follow up note to this post at a latter date)