Monday, 13 February 2012

SBS Photographic Library Version 2.

Had a little time to spare and so currently trying to catch up and update all photographic libraries. This is version 2 of the Spoon Billed Sandpiper photographic library. Above photo is from Khok Kham, Inner Gulf of Thailand, December 2011.

Photo above shows an adult bird with the photo below showing a 1st summer bird. Both of these photos were taken at Yangkou, Rudong provence, China, August 2011.

Photo above shows a 2-3 day old chick in the wild at Chukotka, Russia July 2011 with image below showing you a nest, June 2011.

Photo above shows you a male taken in June with the photo below showing you a different male.

Above and below shows you vimeo - video clips taken in Chukotka, June 2011.

Photo above and 4 below were taken at Yangkou, Rudong provence, China during early May 2011.

Photo and 2 video's below was taken at Khok Kham salt pans, Gulf of Thailand, March 2008.

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  1. These photos and videos are absolutely incredible! I unfortunately missed Spoon-billed by a few days in Thailand in late March of '08. Hopefully I didn't miss my only chance to ever see this species. Thank you for sharing.