Thursday, 15 March 2012

Australian Painted Snipe (In the Hand).

Above shows you the Australian Painted Snipe on the pool (photo by Kuan-Chieh Hung of Taiwan). During the previous few evening's a car load had been going out looking for nocturnal species. Tonight a few of us decided to go to the hot water bore-spring for a soak. On the way back we bumped in to the usual night crew who advised us that they had just found a new Painted Snipe, this time a female. We drove up to the pool where the bird was still present and it was a nice moment watching it on the open pool in the car headlights.

The bird was trapped and then taken back to base where it was processed, ringed and shown to everyone present.

I have only seen 3 Painted Snipe prior to this bird and this consisted of singles in Goa, India, Gambia, Africa & the male a few days back, which was the first Aussie Painted Snipe I had seen but none in the hand. This was a real treat, a total surprise and a stunner in the hand.

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