Thursday, 8 March 2012

Australian Pratincole.

I was on cooking duties the other evening as I was part of the cooking team but fortunately I was granted a pass for an hour in order to look for Australian Pratincoles. Sarah D from the Wash Wader Ringing Group took me and Simon D (the former Fair Isle bird Observatory warden) to where she and a few others had seen them the previous evening and I was not disappointed when I saw about 30 birds close-by.

This was one of my target species for the trip and was a new species of wader for me and the second of the trip so far. I was surprised at how much they reminded me of Indian Coursers that I had seen in Ranthambore, India, back in 2002.

Above 3 photos shows you a close-by adult Aussie Pratincole and photo below shows you the open-arid like terrain that the Aussie Pratincoles prefer. So a quick jaunt out, scored & photographed the Pratincoles and still managed to be back in time to serve dinner and do the dishes. "Result" however, I do intend to go for more - prolonged views of this species. "No Australian Hobby this evening"

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