Thursday, 22 March 2012

Southport Pelagic 17-03-2012.

Today Stuart & I joined the Southport Pelagic. Shortly after we ventured out of the harbour we could see quite a few fishing boats returning in the distance with many birds aroud them, mainly flocks of Great crested Terns with a couple of unexpected Caspians thrown in for good measure. Also several Pomarine Skua's with plenty of Wedge tailed Shearwaters also present.

We were treated early on with the pod of "presumed" off-shore Bottle nosed Dolphins (above) and then once we made it to the continental shelf we again encountered many more "performing" Dolphins, again these were "presumed" to be off-shore Bottle Nosed. Also seen whilst the Dolphins were entertaining us around the boat a small pod of False Killer Whales put in an appearance. There was obviously a lot happening beneath the surface today.

Tahiti Petrels were more confiding today than the December pelagic of which only a single was seen as it flew away from the boat. Today they came in close by at times as they flew just beyond the back of the boat and up in to the slick. There could be 2-3 on show at times today and this was as good as a seeing a new species for me as I really wasn't happy with the views I'd previously had. I really did enjoy watching these 2 tone "Pseudobulweria Petrels" as they glided effortlessly passed the boat.

Just as we were getting ready to return back in to land 2 immature intermediate Red footed Boobies came in from the north distantly to begin with but finally coming in close enough to obtain the photos above and below.

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