Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wandering Tattler @ Mooloolaba.

Arrival back in Brisbane was cooler than at Broome, admittedly it was 23:00hrs and raining but it had that feel about it, "you know" like late September, the wind is blowing, the trees are swaying and the leaf litter is staring to appear. Upon speaking with Stuart, even he quoted " its very autumnal of late". I fancied looking for some Wandering Tattlers and decided to head up to Mooloolaba. An area of rocky headland and beach north of Brisbane that has form from days gone by of being a reasonably reliable site for Wandering Tattlers but also has a nice beach with some winning surf.

It took a while "wandering" around the rocky outcrop and checking the rock pools but "fortune did favour the brave" today and a single Wandering Tattler was present (photo above) Mooloolaba isn't that far from Caloundra and so could be one of the birds from there, who knows ? but at least it was a Wanderer at a new site for me.

I have to admit that it is easy going whilst looking for the Tattlers with Es as she does like mooching around the rock pools, where she seems to like checking most things out. (thats the Diver in her I guess)

Once I'd had a good search around the headland and Es had finished in the rock pools we went and grabbed a swim, crashed out on the beach and just chilled out as local surfers paddled out and rode the waves, para-gliders passed overhead and locals took an amble along the tideline of the beach which was pretty much quiet during our time here as the photo below shows.

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