Thursday, 26 April 2012

Green Turtle.

Sadly due to limited internet connections I am unable to complete a full detailed post on todays huge-news. In short, Stephen & myself were conducting surveys of the beaches, taking measurements, photos, GPS codes etc for the baseline surveys for Turtles. The day started off well as we found the first tracks of a false crawl. We were pleased with this but didn't expect what was yet to come. 

As we made our way by Kayaks to the next beach I could see another track. We both proceeded and as we arrived I went and checked the trail and there was a huge depression and as I looked I almost fell over when I saw the huge female Green Turtle (above) present laying eggs ! After a few expletives, high 5's & hand shakes the call was put out to alert the others but this female Green Turtle had completed laying, covered the chamber and crawled back in to the sea, swimming off beneath the surface sadly before the rest of the team arrived.

When I get the time and connections allow I will upload more from today "Turtle Thursday"

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