Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Black Naped Tern.

The Black-naped Tern (Sterna sumatrana) is an oceanic tern mostly found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. I rate this species of Tern highly and up there alongside Aleutian, Sooty and Bridled. To me they look a typical tropical Tern and they are always nice to watch as they fly around the island and at times close by when fishing near the jetty of the island. Photo above was taken back in April with the photo below of the 2 eggs recently on the island. I am surprised that these Terns lay their eggs in a small depression on the rocks as I suspected they would be like most other species of Tern nesting on soft sand, dunes or at least some kind of gravel to be able to create a small scrape. 

Photo above shows one of the small chicks estimated to be just a few days old 2-4 days and this individual was extremely close to the edge. Below shows myself checking out the area of rocky outcrops earlier in the spring awaiting for the Terns to return to the island (Credit Q)
Photo below shows one of the surrounding uninhabited islands with the shallows of the reef clearly visible, there is also another island in these waters that keeps jumping out at me as I have a hunch about it and so I will try to access it and have a mooch about when I can arrange a boat to take me there, got a good feeling about this one, no doubt I will be wrong but worth a go, nothing ventured and all that...