Thursday, 19 July 2012

132 Eggs in one Nest !

Firstly apologies for the long delay in posting, I have been very busy with one thing  and  another but even during these busy times there is some great & exciting news. Do you remember the posting some time ago about the Green Turtle I bumped in to on one of the excellent beaches here on the island ?, well here is the final chapter to this great story.

The female Green Turtle in the 2 photos above was a real surprise one morning during the routine daily turtle Patrol. That particular morning began well with the discovery of the tracks in the photo below even though it  ended up to be only a false crawl it was still a good sign that Turtles were at least having a nosey around to see if the beaches were actually good enough for them. So when I bumped in to the female above on the next beach along actually laying her eggs at 11:00hrs under a cloud free Brisbane blue sky, sunny, scorching hot day my legs almost gave away beneath me.

All I can do is apologise for uploading a photo of my foot but I did this just to give you an idea of the actual size of the tracks that Green Turtles make, hardly inconspicuous wouldn't you agree? by the way I am a size UK 9 just to give you an idea. . Just for the record  during the discovery of this female Green Turtle she was actually laying eggs and so we walked away and kept our distance to allow her not to be disturbed or feel threatened. Once she had finished laying and began to cover the nest chamber up we then went in took the relevant photos to document this record as this is the best time to approach and to tag them if required. 

Above shows you signs of the Turtle hatchlings tracks we discovered one night, there is also some crab tracks in this photo, ((photo credit to Neli via her iPhone camera)) these tracks came from the nest pit and went to the tideline. Some days later a few of us Q, Benoit and myself returned to check and in the photo below you can see one of the 132 empty Turtle egg shells. 

So, what can I say other than a great success story from start to finish and something I feel very proud to have been involved with, I was proper pleased to find this female turtle, nesting here during of my routine surveys, so, all good! this is certainly one of my highlights here. So I will now bring this Green Turtle story to a close with the video clip below, I hope you enjoy watching this half as much as I enjoyed filming it...

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