Monday, 27 August 2012

Stunning Sandplovers-Mersing Estuary 23/08/2012.

What a day ! I headed out at just on 10:00hrs and went straight to north beach. The tide was rising and quite close in. I got settled out on a sand bar that I knew would not be covered by the tide with todays height. I sat at one end and the birds began to arrive, they came in to the furthest end of the sand bar but I knew by staying-put and waiting that the tide would eventually push them in my direction. Today provided me the opportunity to get some of my better juvenile Lesser Sandplover photos and I have got to admit these are a nice juvenile wader. Just take a look at these photos for yourself these were taken just after the tide began to retreat and the birds began to forage for a while before going in to the post high tide roost. I remained on site through until 15:40 hours, it was another hot sizzling day when the I could feel the sun burning me alive, however today was a blinding day and produced a good quality record see todays totals list.

I really like the bird above and this has a really nice buffy wash and gives it an almost bronze over-all coloration also note that the legs look quite pale compared to some of the other juvenile LSP's.

Seeing as I concentrated mainly on photographing the juvenile LSP's today I had to spend some time on the adults. The bird in this sequence was an obliging individual, you have got to admit that Sandplovers are a cracking group.

Ok, now for todays totals:

Lesser Sandplover c800 including at least 20 juveniles
Greater Sandplover c200 including at least 4 juveniles
Great Knot 2 1st summers
Malaysian Plover 2 - high tide roost only
Greenshank 11 all adults rising tide only
Redshank 0 on site but 5 seen in flight low over the water half way between Mersing and the Island during the return trip.

Ruddy Turnstone 5 all adults
Common Sandpiper 7
Pacific Golden Plover 12

Terek Sandpiper c340+ with a colour flag ringed bird ! at last a flagged Terek- I have been looking and waiting for this one - details to follow soon.

Great Crested Tern 138 including 2 juveniles
Lesser Crested Tern 1 adult first personal record for Mersing (been waiting for this one)
Common Tern 4
Little Tern 2
WBS-Eagle 1 annoyingly disturbing the waders during the rising tide.
Collared Kingfisher 2

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  1. Great stuff Simon, fantastic shots of stunning birds, well done, worth getting fried for I should imagine.