Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Caloundra - 17/09/2012.

With an afternoon to spare it was decided to take a slow drive up to Caloundra for a stroll, some fresh air and to see if there were any early returned Wandering Tattlers present. The weather was a mixed bag with a dark sky above, a strong on shore wind and a couple of small showers. It was strange to actually feel cold for the first time since Russia last June. It is spring here in Australia and even though most days provided a classic Brisbane blue sky above and and warm sun the evenings were cold and even the heating was on and a duvet on the bed (I'm not kidding). 

A nice long walk along the headland at Caloundra helped clear the head but no Wandering Tattlers could be found. Not a complete let down bird wise though as it was nice to see 4 Sooty Oystercatchers present including the individual below. I don't get to see to many of these so I decided to just sit on the edge of one of the rock pools and enjoy watching them feeding and dodging the incoming waves.

There were plenty of Great Crested Terns present fishing offshore with at least 40 birds roosting on the headland including the individual below. After this it was time for a pot of tea in one of the many coffee bars along the seafront taking in the view of the bay before returning back to Brisbane.

The one thing I thing I really love about being out in the field is the space and freedom it provides me, you know, that ability to loose oneself in amongst the waders, that at peace feeling where the every day hassles seem to disappear but also the space to think and reflect on things. I realise how lucky I have been during the previous 19 months, where I have travelled, what I have seen and the people I met have along the way. I sat there watching the Sooty Oystercatchers where it all kind of makes sense to me, where what is important and I feel I am kind of at peace with things right now. - (("Blue Adidas hooded sweatshirt, "Hmmm" I wondered where that was))

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