Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mersing Airfield & Mersing Stadium.

On route and making my way slowly to Australia I had an afternoon in Mersing to spare. The tide times were not good and so I decided to venture a little further out and have an explore. I don't get the time to do this kind of thing so often what with work schedules and when I do have the time I concentrate on the estuary and roost areas permitting good connecting tide times etc. I have been doing a bit of google-earthing of late with Fang and found this old disused area which was once Mersing airfield. Even though it is currently disused and has been for a long time it still has an active helicopter pad. Fang and I had a wander and I must say I really fancy something on this nice flat open grassy area, on the coast,  right next to the sea it surely has the potential. Something like an Oriental Plover and Little Whimbrel are the species that springs to mind. Will have to try and keep my eye on this. 

After leaving the airfield we made our way to the Mersing Stadium, I have been keeping my eye on this site since I first arrived here and again I have often thought of nice vagrant wader being on here, all I have ever seen has been Common Mynas and Spotted Doves up until last Friday that is. I was walking by on my way to the jetty for a connecting boat back to the island, I had no bins, no scope, no camera and so what do you ? there on the pitch were 7 PGP's great but gutted no camera to click and save the memory moment.  Today was quiet with just 2 White bellied Sea-Eagles over head. 

This stadium is very small and it brought back memories of Plough Lane when I used to go and watch Wimbledon FC many many moons ago. I sat there with Fang telling him this and how I was fortunate enough to watch the true "crazy gang" back in the day. Such a shame what happened to that club. I mean, really - Milton Keynes Dons- who are they ?? (insert loud tut and rolling eyes here)

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