Friday, 7 September 2012

Mersing Estuary 04/09/2012.

Another visit to the Estuary today but unfortunately the tide cut-away early and the waders seemed quite unsettled a lot of the time with the Terek Sandpipers departing  well before the turn of the incoming tide. The Sandplovers stood strong and so I again decided to concentrate on getting some photos of the juvenile Lesser's. I stuck with it from 09:30 until 14:00hrs but then decided to get the early boat back to the island.

Todays totals:

Lesser Sandplover c600 including 18 juveniles
Greater Sandplover 27 ad, 3 juvs

Malaysian Plover 3, 1 ad, 1 juv
Barwit 21- increase in numbers
Great Knot 1
Terek Sandpiper 130+
Turnstone 3 adults
Redshank 4 adults
PGP 11 adults
Common Sandpiper 3

Great Crested Tern 156 increase 
Common Tern 7

A pretty quiet day in comparison to recent visits, still nice to see that the Barwits are continuing to increase in numbers. Be interesting to see what they peak at and how soon they will move through the area, a flag ringed bird would be nice.

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