Friday, 21 September 2012

Mersing Estuary 19/09/2012 (2 New Site Species of Wader)

It goes like this 05:00hrs the day began with a 1 hour drive Brisbane to the Gold Coast airport + check in time, 8 hour flight Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur, 1 hour taxi from KL airport to TBS (bus station) wait around time of 5 hours. 6 hour night bus journey KL to Mersing arriving in Mersing at 04:30hrs = a total travel time of 25.5 hours door to door including 2 hour time difference. In bed at 05:00hrs, alarm goes of at 07:30hrs, in shower by 08:00hrs, breakfast by 08:30 (Roti Chennai + Teh Tarik) and then start walking out on to the mudflats of the estuary by 09:10 hrs to start wadering

Above shows a juvenile Grey Tailed Tattler of which there were 2 juveniles and 1 adult present today. The best bird of the day has to be the juvenile Pacific Golden Plover below. This stood out like a block of gold glistening with the sun on it. This photo really does not do the bird justice but it was truly mouth-watering just take a long look at it. I don't recall seeing such a pristine / fresh looking PGP before.

Lesser Sandplovers are the most abundant wader present and seemed to have stabilised in numbers at around the 800 mark, including at least 20 juveniles still looking smart. 

The Broad Billed Sandpiper above and below was a right nice surprise for me as I couldn't believe my luck when I first located it in amongst the masses within the high tide roost. This is the first broad Billed  Sandpiper I have had at Mersing and so is a nice addition to the site list. 

Terek Sandpipers have a huge increase with up to 700 birds present including the flag ringed individual A6 which was trapped and ringed at Mai Po marshes Hong Kong remains faithful to the site but sadly also remains the only colour / flag ringed wader present on site, or should I say that I could actually locate.

Todays totals below:

Lesser Sandplover 800+ including at least 20 juveniles.
Greater Sandplover 27 including 3 juvs
Terek Sandpiper 700+
Malaysian Plover 1 adult

Grey Tailed Tattler 3, 1 adult 2 juvs
Broad Billed Sandpiper 1 (New personal site species)
Red Necked Stint 3, 1 ad, 2 juvs
Little Stint 1 juv (New personal site species)
Pacific Golden Plover 30+ adults, 1 juv
Grey Plover 1 adult
Redshank 7
Greenshank 2, 1 ad, 1 juv
Turnstone 3 adults
Whimbrel 9 flew over
Common Sandpiper 7
Bar tailed Godwit 4 ads.

Great Crested Tern 90+ all adults.

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