Monday, 3 September 2012

Mersing Estuary / Laguna Development August 2012.

Photo above shows you more excavation machinery here at Mersing Estuary today 03/08/2012. I spent today out on the estuary watching the high tide run up, roost and run off of the tide. I decided not to walk down in to this area of the bay for several reasons but one is because it totally saddens me that this area of inter-tidal habitat that is proving to be an important area within the EAAF is to be lost. I will update more in time. Thank you for reading.

So here it is just like so many other areas of inter-tidal habitats around the world Mersing can now join the official reclaim & develop it club. 

The images here within this post are what I took last week when out on the mudflats of this small but productive estuary. I have only been watching Mersing estuary a short while but already the signs are starting to show that this estuary is totally under-watched and that there are more waders than originally believed to be are using the location. I am now of the opinion that maybe more waders are coming in to  Mersing estuary due to being pushed out from other estuaries that have or are currently being reclaimed and developed else where within the EAAF network. It is definitely a good area for Sandplovers and I have also found a pair of nesting Malaysian Plovers here with a suspected 2nd nesting pair within the area. Currently I have only had 2 flag-colour ringed waders. A Barwit ringed in China and a Lesser Sandplover ringed in Singapore. It has a good number of Great Crested Terns passing through the area, presumed to be highest roosting number of birds in peninsular Malaysia. It is also believed to be the best locality for Grey Tailed Tattlers within peninsular Malaysia. Other interesting records I have had is Chinese Egret, Great Knot and Red Knot. There are also a couple of sporadic historical records for the site and this includes an Oriental Plover, Asian Dowitcher, Marsh Sandpiper and Broad Billed Sandpipers. I believe there is much more to this estuary and with constant effort surveys even more would be discovered and so is this the end for Mersing Estuary ?and also I guess it should be ackowledged that the surrounding off-shore Islands could also be affected by a development on such a scale as this one. The offshore islands have good open areas of Sea-grass beds of which Turtles and Dugongs use as feeding areas. I was advised only recently that 2 Dugongs were found dead earlier on during this year on one of the islands. For more on this 22 Billion MR development click on the following link and please read page ES7 "Shorebirds"

And now for the official Mersing Laguna You-tube video clip below. Don't get me wrong, I know that developments like this are needed to sustain good economic growth, also this will create many more employment opportunities throughout from the ground up, construction through to the hospitality service when complete BUT and it is a really big BUT will this project really be completed as per the designs and time scales ? I really don't think so or will it run over budget, over time scales and either grind to a halt and remain un-completed for ever and a day or will it be trimmed down and left in a state of limbo ? Mersing is a nice little town, which was once nothing more than a sleepy fishing port. There is no doubt it will be good for the local people and economy, I see this, I get this and some what agree with it but surely some areas need to be set aside and either protected or new areas created to compensate the environmental impact this development will have. I think I will finish typing now and just leave you to remaining photos etc.


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