Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Terns on the Move.

On Saturday I was carrying out a routine Turtle Patrol and noticed that Terns had started to build in numbers on the island whilst I had been away in Australia. I decided that the following Day (Sunday) I would take my camera out with me in the hope of getting some new and improved photos.  Above shows you a really smart looking juvenile Black Naped Tern. There is currently around 90 Black Naped Terns on the island which have gathered on the rocks at the north eastern side of the island but I could only find 7 juvs in amongst the mass of adults. Below shows you an adult Great Crested Tern of which there was 5 present today. Great Crested Terns are rare actually on the island as I have only ever had 1 previous record and that was of a single bird back in early August. All other sightings of Great Crested terns have come from the surrounding waters or the roost at Mersing.

The Black Naped Terns are becoming quite vocal as they build in numbers, I decided to include a few of the shots I took on Sunday here in this post. I must admit it was quite difficult taking these photos from a kayak as the waves were not only bobbing me up and down but also pushing me in to the rocks where the Terns were roosting. Below are few of the better shots I managed to get. Also present on Sunday was 7 Common Sandpipers and 2 Lesser Sandplovers which were all present on Turtle Beach.

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  1. Love these shots, you seem to be improving your bird photography skills every time!

    I'm wondering what your newest plans are. Maye speak to you on Skype soon?

    Cheers, Vincent