Tuesday, 19 March 2013

First Under Water Photographs of the Season.

I decided to go and try out a new piece of kit this afternoon, I headed to the North reef, where the swells and surge still remain although much calmer than of late but still stronger than on saturday when I last checked. 

Image above and below shows a Green Turtle (presumed female)  present near the jetty. This is a new individual as I do not recognise this particular turtle . It has interesting markings on the lower right side of the carapace, almost like an M. If you look closely you can see this and so I hope these markings will help in identifying this particular individual if it does come on to any of the beaches to nest. As you can see by the photo the visibility still isn't great and this is in the sheltered side of the island. 

Image above and below was taken at the northern reef and I think it is a species of puffer fish.

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