Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Falcon Foto's

Not these, but now that I have your attention I just wanted to re-direct you to what I believe are some of the best Northern Hobby images I have ever seen. Every now and then we all get a shot that even we, ourselves are happy with. For me, it is extremely rare that I am ever happy with my own images and there are always parts of a photo that I just don't like, basically there is always something wrong and always plenty of room for improvement, however not in this case - take a look at the photos taken by Lee D at Staines Moor on the link : Fantastic Falcon Fotos.

The set of images on Almost Birding really is some thing truly perfect and I so wish I was the one to be clicking away on such an excellent subject. Falco subbuteo has always been one of my favourite birds but it has been a very long time since I have had the pleasure of seeing one, let alone so up close and personal. 

Of course you know that subbuteo the famous table top game of football was named after Falco Subbuteo as the creator was a fan of the Hobby and originally wanted to name the game Hobby but didn't after a court ruling ?  

Seeing these photos made me search for an image of one to make this post but unfortunately I do not have any on my mac and so the only "falco" shots I could find were these 2 Sooty Falcon images that I took some years back in the southern Red Sea area of Egypt. 

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  1. Crikey mate, these are pretty awesome pics as well!! Sooty Falcon is now right near the top of my wants list after seeing these!