Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sea-Turtles - Photo File.

This is my Sea-Turtles photo file collection, as with all photo files I hope to add to them and update when ever I manage to get new images and data. 

Above shows a Green Turtle at a depth of just 2 metres, this image was taken 2 hours before sunset as the individual was hanging around a patch of sea-grass where it had previously been feeding. 

Above and below shows a male and female green turtle during copulation. I was quite pleased to be able to obtain this image as it can very difficult to record this behaviour. 

Image above shows you the female green turtle after copulation and the image below shows another / different female green turtle at 01:00hrs as she came ashore, dug a body pit but failed to lay any eggs due to the substrate being to compact. 

Image above and below shows 2 different green turtles at the surface during their southward bound migration last September during the north east monsoon.

Image above shows you a female green turtle returning to the sea after successfully laying 132 eggs with the image below showing the same individual covering up the nest / egg chamber. It is not un-heard of that turtles do come ashore to lay during daylight hours but it is rare and even rarer to actually witness and record it.

Video footage below shows the nesting female green turtle returning to the sea after laying.

Image above shows some of the eggs from a green turtle and below shows a hatchling prior to release at dawn. 

Image below shows a Logger Head Turtle taken from a pelagic trips out on the Azores, September 2009. I have also seen Hawksbill Turtles in Israel, Thailand and Malaysia, I have seen Olive Ridleys Turtles in Goa, India. 

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