Thursday, 30 May 2013

Terns & Other @ Sea Observations.

Terns are still dominating observations at sea with Bridled Terns being seen on every venture to the east. Still low in numbers but are slowly building and quite often in pairs. They didn't come in on mass until late June last year and so I hope the numbers will begin to build during next month.

The Roseate Terns are still around but are now progressing in to breeding plumage and so I suspect / hope that they could be nesting close-by within the area. 

A single White Winged Black Tern (non breeding plumaged bird) put in a brief appearance at the floating mark buoy before disappearing and not to be seen again. 

Black Naped Terns are still the most numerous species but are now dwindling in numbers as I suspect they have moved on to their breeding grounds on the smaller islands within the surrounding area. More on BNT's another time apart from the fact there has been a couple of oiled birds knocking around as in the photo with the Roseate above.

Lesser Frigatebirds are being seen more frequently out at sea when returning from dive trips but still as much as I search I am just unable to find a northward bound Swinhoes Petrel

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