Monday, 10 June 2013

Recent BNT's.

BNT's have been keeping me busy of late as there has not been much else happening. I really do think these are a smart sterna. They seem to be down on numbers compared to last year with both migrants and breeding individuals. The floating marker buoy is still attracting them where most of these photos are currently being taken. 

1st summer BNT above.

Bird on the right in the image above is what I believe to be a first summer BNT, this is the first 1st summer I have seen of this species.

Above shows you the Batuan Tikus lighthouse which does attract large gatherings of Terns at times. The image below shows 1 Roseate and 2 Black Naped Terns flying past the boat. It can be extremely difficult trying to manoeuvre the boat and take photos at the same time.

Above is the best flight shot I have managed to get so far this season and below shows the egg of one pair of BNT's which is nesting close by. I have only managed to find 2 nesting pairs of BNT's this year compared to 16 pairs this time last year, maybe they will come in later ? 

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  1. Hello
    Very interesting information, I hope to visit Batuan Tikus lighthouse and enjoy the diversity of terns there.
    By the way we in University Malaysia Terengganu have ringed about 11 BNT nestlings in Pulau Redang, their rings start with M001 to M011 have a closer look if they visit you there and keep me posted please on a.hamza(at)