Friday, 3 January 2014

Hawk Owl - Need I Say More….

After an absence of just on nine years it was time for another day of absorbing up a Hawk Owl. The set up and the scenery was a little different from the bird back in Uppsala, Sweden 2005 but equally as good. 

This time it was off to Zwolle with Sam Woods to try for another..

This individual is more of an urban dweller and seeming to like to start the day in the small sub-station where it was first seen sitting on the stanchions and cables. It then sat in the tree below which was situated in the middle of the road (photo below). Humans, Cars, Ambulance's and even fireworks going off in the surrounding area don't seem bother this bird in the slightest.

This bird is a bit of celebrity in these parts as lots of non birders are even pulling over on the road side to take a look, click away and to see what all the fuss is about.

Later in the day this bird showed well perched on the crossbar of a goal on the nearby football pitch and then sat on the barred wire fence on the edge of the nearby housing estate before being watched carrying a Blackbird and watched perched with it in its tallons before returning back to the sub-station.

A big thank you to Vincent Van Der Spek for all the help and logistical support to see this true beast of a bird.

An excellent end to the year of 2013.


  1. Nice set of pictures of a stunning bird.
    ATB for 2014 Simon.


  2. What a superb beast! Great photos Simon.

  3. Thanks Lee, not as good as some but mainly taken with the iPhone.