Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pygmy Owl.

They come in pairs, the last time I saw a Pygmy Owl was the same day I saw a Hawk Owl back 2005. This bird has been present for a while but has been difficult to see at times and so Vincent, Rob, Roland, Sam and I were keen to try for this bird on the first day of 2014. Photo above by Rob Ter Ellen.

Above shows you the area nearby to where this bird is spending time and below shows Rob & Vincent celebrating seeing the Pygymy Owl which was a Dutch new species for them both.

A little wander through the woods produced a few Crossbills, Nuthatches and then these two hooligans below appeared out of the woods which was nice to see them both again.

One last final look at the Pygmy Owl which had moved from the original area and re-located but was obscured. Photo below was the best I could do with my iPhone through Robs scope. A great start to the year of 2014.

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