Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hobbies Fledge.

I was just having the first cuppa of the day when Adam W telephoned me to say he was closeby and asked if I was around for a cuppa, of course a cuppa with Adam is a must and so shortly after Adam arrived and after a couple more cups of Tea we decided to go and see any of the young Hobbies were still around.

The nest was empty and the area seemed void of any life to begin with but after a short time of scanning 2 fine juvenile Hobbies were located. At one point an adult and the 3rd juvenile put in a brief appearance but these juvs have been out of the nest for just on 8 days now but still sticking to the field of the nest site. 

I must admit it has been really good to have spent the summer with these birds from when the adults arrived back in the area during May through until the end of August and seeing the juveniles flying around and hunting for themselves. An insight to a "subbuteo summer" has been superb. 

Above shows the area I have spent a lot of time this smmer and I have included the photo below just to show how the nape patches are so large and buffy looking on this juvenile. 

The adult female of this pair of Hobbies had tiny white nape patches and she was wearing a BTO type metal ring on her lower right leg. Shame I never got close enough to read this code.

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