Friday, 8 April 2016

3rd & Final day of Aclimatisation In Leh...

Today was to be the 3rd and final day aclimatising in Leh before heading off deeper and higher in to the mountains. The day didn't go quite to plan as there was a national strike taking place with all shops closed, no taxi's, no internet cafes just empty silent streets. 

The only thing present was a group of young local guys burning tyres at a junction of two main roads on the edge of town. This was their protest / picket line to stop any vehicles entering the town area of Leh. We spent the day wandering aimlesly around checking suitable habitatas for passerines but the area was almost as void of birds as it was people. We did bump in to one Israeli girl who was making her way out of town back to her accommodation.

The day was spent clicking at loacal people on the outskirts if town as per below:

By mid afternoon the sun decided to give up the fight for the day and the clouds covered the mountain peaks of the surrounding valley. It was cold today averaging around -14 and so the reallity of how the locals live in these harsh conditions hit home when we discoverred the two women below washing their clothes in the freezing cold waters of the river. The reason they do this is because most of, if not all the water pipes to their homes completely freezes up at this time of year.

Locals and Adam W blending in with them

And Finally late in the day we found a small area with Red Fronted Serins and a couple of Robin Accentor's as per below.

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