Monday, 4 April 2016

Liking Lingering in Leh....

The view from our Guesthouse (The Oriental Guesthouse) in Leh at dawn, it was a cold morning without heating or hot water available and so I really didn't relish the thought of getting of bed but with fresh Masala Chai and an omlette waiting at the breakfast table it had to be painfully done.   

After breakfast it was time for a wander and explore the town of Leh, Leh is not such a popular tourist destination at this time of year and during time spent here on three seperate occassions we only ever saw three other tourists, an American couple and a single Israeli girl. The walk to town was pleasant with a Brown Dipper singing from rocks in the river below.

Mantra's and prayer wheels appear on every street corner. Budism is the predominant religion here but there is also a Mosque and the call for prayer circulates around the town. The main high street of the town centre reminded me of Thamel, Nepal 16 years ago but quieter, less developed, much cleaner and less polluted. 

I was surprised at how set up for tourism Leh is and it gets very busy during May through to August. It is a very popular destination with Indian nationals as well as western travelers alike. 

The Leh-Long book shop below is an absolute winning "tea stop" location. The upper level has a huge selection of travel and wildlife books. They have a large, infact the largest selection of Tea's to choose from with nice coffee tables and comfy chairs to sit and watch the world go by and or grab a book and have a browse with a cuppa (the Kashmir tea was my favourite)  I actually did both and was pleasantly surprised to pick up a book and find a photo by yours-truly inside. A few plans were firmed up at this location and if you are ever in Leh make time for a visit to this place. 

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