Friday, 24 June 2016

Israel 2016 (Honey Buzzards part 2 -pale morphs)

After settling in and enjoying the Honey Buzzard miration we noticed on one morning that during one kettle that a high percentage were of white morph birds. It was quite strange when a single kettle of c3000 birds was nearly all made of up these pale birds. 

Nearly all Honey Buzzards I see in the New Forest are of "white morphs" and so this was nice to observe numbers on such a large scale. As much as it great to witness this European Honey Buzzard migration it did make me think upon seeing these birds back in the UK and observing them wing clapping over a wood in the New Forest.  

The variation between birds is high and we had every pluamge variation that you could find on a Kodak colour card. The individual below shows a more chequered like plumage but white morphs do sit high on the personal preference list. 

Above and below shows the surrounding area of the Sinai where the Honey Buzzards are seen migrating through, on one day when we walked up to the top of mountain ridge looking down in to one of the  valleys we had several Honey Buzzards on the deck, waiting to lift for the day. 

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