Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Eday Island, Orkney & a Snowy Owl.

For some time now I have been toying with the idea of visiting the Orkney Isles but I have never actually got around to it, "always some where else to go, always something else to do"

Arrival on Eday was within 17 minutes of take off from Kirkwall, where I was met by Kate the Eday Ranger as had been previously arranged. Kate was brilliant and very welcoming and helpful, she kindly drove me up to the site where the Snowy Owl had been lingering, of which I saw before I even got out of the car. Kate also showed me the local post office/shop (below) for me to be able to grab a drink and some food if needed. 

Eday is a small but beautiful island, 8 miles in length and 14 miles north east of Kirkwall that has a raw, wild, remote but safe and welcoming feeling about it. It has lots of remaining areas of heather-clad sweeping hilly moorland that give it that extra special appearance. 

So there it was the Snowy Owl seen flying around the fields of the north eastern end of the island, on a windy but dry and bright sunny day-perfect. What a smart looking bird, 

This individual performed well and was on show for the whole duration of my time on site. I spent the whole time on the island watching this smart bird. I then started a slow walk back to airport, The weather started to turn and the wind picked up mid afternoon and so I was grateful that the elements were kind to me today. 

I like this shot, as a local was walking through the adjacent field the Snowy flew in and landed just behind the wooden pallets as if not to be seen but I was lucky as I was actually sat down against the dry stone wall the in this particular field having a cuppa. The bird had a few favoured areas where it would sit and watch the surrounding area.  

And then it was time to head back and so I walked to the airport taking in the scenery  as the light of day began to fade slowly in to evening. As arrived back at the airport Kate pulled up getting ready for her shift at the airport and took me for a short tour of a part of the island showng me different areas and explaining about the relevant wildlife of the island at certain times of year. I am definitely intending to vist Eday again in the summer months. 

What a Great day on Eday.

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