Monday, 29 May 2017

A New Colony + A Colour Ringed Red Footed Falcon.

A visit to another Red Footed Falcon colony was in order and this particular colony had a larger number of birds. This site was a small wooded copse in an area of vast open steppe like farmland. I decided to use this opportunity to try and upskill my rather poor flight photography skills here as I realised I didn't have any flight shots of Red Foots this trip.

As is always the case, I'm constantly on the lookout for colour-rings and so having two induviduals wearing the usual colour coded alphernumeric plastics was appreciated. 

At one point all the Red Foots, Kestrels and Rooks took to the sky forming a rather large ball, and then there was a rather large White tailed Eagle passing by overhead. I then took a walk to a small pool where the Red Foots gather to feed pre-dusk and as I walked through the area a local farmer was doing his thing with his cattle. A really nice spot this and worthy of more time than I was able to give it but my first colour riged Red Foots were nice.

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