Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Elegant Tern Pagham Harbour.

After hearing and reading about the Elegant Tern at Pagham Harbour and how the views seemed to be difficult and distant at times I decided to wait for an evening visit for the best light and also for an evening to coincide with a falling tide in the hope that the Elegant Tern would appear on to the the feshly exposed mud to preen and bathe in the shallow water. 

Well, I arrived at 18:00hrs and was met with "oh it just flew back in on the island" 2 long hours later and nearly ready to leave the Tern was located preening on the island but partly obscured, then it decided to have a fly around, then it went back to the island, deep in the cover but luckily shortly re-appearing and landing on the mud " thats more like it" as it preened, stretched and postured with wings drooped head and neck stretched and some slight head twisting, so then it flew around the area and then done a final fly-by heading off in to the distance "job done" so at 20.30hrs I headed home. 

This was a nice evening out and seeing plenty of Sandwich, Little and Common Terns with Med Gulls and Peregrines made for a nice added selection. 

This reminded me of when Elsie was up on the Farnes and the Sooty Tern on the Skerries all adding to the summer months and so now another Least Tern in a colony would be appreciatley received as I never saw the Rye Harbour bird.

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  1. Your patience was rewarded - nice shots of a great bird !