Monday, 10 July 2017

Lesser Kestrel's - Tarifa, Spain.

All images within this post were taken at the Guzman Fort, Tarifa, Spain, July 2017. Above shows an adult male Lesser Kestrel returning with an Egyptian Cricket for the young. This was apart of a week long trip to catch up with Simon  T and Niki W of Inglorious Bustrards.

Specialised bird photography tours are very much popular and the in-thing of the moment, there are several companies that offer Lesser Kestrel photography sessions/tours with purpose built hides over-looking the nesting areas of these smart little falcons, and that is good and allows up close and personal photos with an insight to the private lives of the Lesser Kestrels but this site location allows all of that and more without having to remain in a hide.

Inglorious Bustards have absolutely nailed this site and all by being on foot and in the fresh air. If Lesser Kestrels are something you wish to see well and or photograph them then join a day's photography tour with the Inglorious Bustards team and have fun clicking at these and some of the other specialised species of the surrounding area. Even though people say nothing os guaranteed, one thing is guaranteed and that is you will have a great day.

Later on in the week the youngsters were all off of the nest and sitting in dead tree's surrounding the fort and so it was great to witness this. I reckon a spring trip could be in order.....

Inglorious Bustards Website: Inglorious Bustards

More on other species and the rest of the trip to follow.

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