Saturday, 22 July 2017

White Rumped Swifts bring to a Close....

Just to round off this short break to Tarifa with a few pics to close out with. Stunning views are afforded from various view points looking accross the straits to Morrocco. Black eared Wheatears allowed some nice close up prolonged views (below).

Black Kites are always nice to see,

Collared Pratincoles are always a personal favourite and seeing the juvenile below, real up close was an opportunity not to be missed to round off a few clicks. 

An afternoon on Gib took me back some 22 years, when I last visited this rock at the entrance to the Med and evoked some fond memories of my first over-sea's trip with Stuart in which we travelled from Malaga-Ronda-Monfague-Donana-Gib-Malaga (a great trip).

A Melodious Warbler was a nice surprise to see in the hand just prior to release as we bumped in to one of the Milgres staff undertaking ringing at one of the constant effort sites. Woodchats are always good to see as well as Beeaters, Hoopoe's and Pallid Swifts.

White rumped Swifts showed very well at a key site location Simon & Niki have for this much sought after species. Two of these performed well with Red rumped Swallow & House Martins.

The Hosts, Simon & Niki


  1. Nice one, Simon, look like a great short break to me! I've never seen a juv pratincole that crisp!

  2. Some great birds there - looks like fun !