Wednesday, 18 October 2017

European Otter.

I have never seen Otter in the UK, so when I was given a site to try and also the offer to be shown the best spot along the river to look I grabbed the opportunity. A dark, wet and windy early morning start was required and arrival on site at 07:20 had us walking along the river and then at 07:50 there it was, the Otter cub in these images. 

It was ridiculously close, just swimming along the edge of the river bank, diving down and searching under the rocks of the river bed coming up with small crustaceans. This is a young individual that tends to get shy when numbers of people build up and so it then swims away up-river, The was a really nice treat and local as well. 

I was really pleased with this and I couldn’t believe how close this individual can be, “brilliant stuff”


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