Monday, 16 October 2017

Middlebere Friday 13/10/2017.

As Friday the 13th's go, this one went pretty well, apart from nearly loosing it on one of the cattle grids with the front wheel sliding but with enough time for me to hit the throttle to speed up out of it that was the worst that happened. 

A session at Middlebere was very productive seeing as I couldn't locate the Stilt Sandpiper at all today on site. A female Merlin seen as a distant fly by was appreciated when it re appeared later in the day perched up close by. The Great Egret put in "an on the deck view" instead of the usual fly over. Marsh Harriers continued to cause panic amongst the feeding waders and a female Hen Harrier providing a fly by as the day began to come to a close.  


  1. Nice pics & great to meet you that day Simon.

    Missed the Merlin as you know! But, got the Barn owl sitting on a post no more than 30 feet oblivious to me being there.

  2. Nice one Scott, gud 2 meet u 2, well done on getting the Barn Owl, good end to a good day then, as well as Hen Harrier. Good stuff, got some video footage coming here on the blog soon from Sunday.

  3. With the 10 spoonies at Arne it was indeed.

    Look forward to the video.