Saturday, 21 October 2017

Royal Tern - Herm.

After missing the chance to see the Royal Tern on Guernsey earlier on this year I was hoping that it may return and if it did then I would go. I was in Poole and so the easiest option was to take the ferry from Poole to Guernsey a 3 hour trip. I arrived in Guernsey with an hour to soare before the afternoon inter-island boat to Herm, so after a cuppa and a bite to eat I arrived on Herm and headed for the Harbour as that is where I was advised the Tern tends to ahng out.

There was plenty of Gulls present but after about ten minutes of searching I heard the call of a Sandwich Tern of which I followed in flight and it landed on a nearby rocky island outcrop amongst a group of Sandwich Terns. I began scanning the flock right to left and three birds in, there it was! “Royal Tern. Even though it was slighlty distant and the weather was dull, grey windy and chilly it was still good to see but too distant for photography and video. I did manage to grab a couple of distant record shots but I only had one and half hours from landing on the island of Herm until the last boat back to Guernsey that same day. Luckily I gave myself the following day to have a back up day. These images in this post was taken the on the second day. 

As I arrived the morning the second day the tide was starting to retreat and so the Terns were roosting up on rocks that were covered by the tide the previous day and this allowed for closer viewing from the beach enabling these photos and videos, However as the tide retreated so did the Terns and by 10.30 the Terns had all gone out of view and I never saw the Royal Tern again until 16.15 when I saw it distantly in flight briefly as the tide had now turned and was now incoming. I was glad I decided to get the first boat over this second day. So as they say "one good Tern deserves another" and Elegant and Royal Tern in the same year, both being two new species of Tern that I had not previously seen any where before.

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