Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hengistbury Head 24/11/17.

Decided to go back for seconds of the Purps at Hengstbury Head today, beng a week day I thought it would be quieter and it turned out to be a good shout as it was a lot quieter with less people around but unfortuantley there was less Purps with just a single bird visible/present today. I decided to take up position and just wait as this individual was feeding up before having an ealy afternoon roost. I decided to settle in and make a brew but when I looked up the bird had gone/moved and then, there it was about 10ft from me feeding on one of the rock pools. This individual walked by me three times totally unpreturbed by my presence. I have uploaded several different shots taken from today with different compositions just to provide an idea of the set up and I think the shot below is my favourite from today.

Also today:

Sandwich Tern 1
RT Diver 1

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  1. More grey ones Si?! Can I have some other colours next.......please?