Sunday, 19 November 2017

Purple Sandpipers@Hengistbury Head.

I decided to have a go at some Purple Sandpiper photography at Hengistbury Head yesterday. I have never been to this location before but a nice place and worthy of future visits.

Arrival was a slightly worying affair with so many JP about and the disturbance on the beach was also more than what I was expecting, I started checking the groynes but the first few were pretty fruitless due to people clambering and walking over them but then I found a single Purple Sandpiper roosting up during high tide so I decided to settle in. I made a cuppa and got comfy but not long after the Purple Sandpiper began to forage and then another 2 "Purps" appeared and they just got closer and closer and seemed pretty at ease with my presence as I sat there quitetly. In total 7 Purps on two different Groynes. I gotta say I actually really enjoyed these few hours sharing time with some Purple Sandpipers.

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