Monday, 6 November 2017

Stilt Sandpiper 0 Lesser Yellow Legs 1

After a fruitless afternoon searching for the Stilt Sandpiper at Middlebere on Tuesday I decided to have another search the following morning (Wednesday) but again still no sign. So, in need of some North American Wader action I headed deeper in to Dorset and on to Lodmoor. 

The Lesser Yellow Legs showed itself upon arrival, a little further away than the previous visit but it showed for longer and more continuous, so a trade off between closeness versus prolonged / extended views. 

Marsh Harrier went through causing a major flush, and with this over 40+ Snipe in one group were counted and several Med Gulls later it was time to head back and end the day out on Moors where 2 Merlin, a female perched up and consuming prey and a fly through male brought the day to a close. 

And so the day ended with an away win to the Lesser Yellow Legs but a really smart bird and im hoping it over-winters for more personal viewing.

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