Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Lodmoor@the Weekend.

After leaving Holes Bay I wasn't quite sure exactly where to head next and so after a cuppa I decided to head on to Lodmoor and test the scope out on the Lesser Legs, if it were to show that is, reports had been sporadic of late. 

Arrival at Lodmoor was a grey affair but quiet with hardly any one around, It also seemed quiet bird wise with just 17 Dunlin feeding closeby. No sign of the Lesser Legs so I decided to grab a bite to eat on the bench over looking the west scrape. Then I could hear the Lesser Legs calling and then sure enough it flew in, the usual distance allowing some video footage but still just to far for any photos. I stayed watching the bird as it moved in, out and behind some clumps of reeds, then it took flight and dropped behind one of the bunds and out of sight, but then I could hear it calling again and it flew in on one of the other pools. As I walked down to relocate it, it was present feeding but then just started walking towards me, I quickly grabbed the camera out of the bag and started clicking, this is the best and closest I have seen this bird and I was really pleased with this, then the 5 Ruff flew in shortly followed by the 17 Dunlin as they all fed  which then just set a nice scene. A female Sparrowhawk flew through low and fast causing all the waders to spook and fly off and so with this I decided to walk back along the beach to see if there was any Divers in the bay and then on to Radipole where plenty of Meds and a few Bearded's were on offer and then as the day turned to night I myslef called it a day and headed for home after a successful day and some good, not all, results in the premiership the day ended well watching MOTD.

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