Saturday, 20 May 2017

Saker Falcon Hotorbagy & Carpathian Mountain Range.

Having seen Saker very well in both Kazakhstan and China some time back I had hoped to see them on this trip. I was fortunate enough to have 7 individual birds (not including chicks) with 2 different pairs at 2 nest site locations, 2 birds flying together over another location and a single bird over a mountain ridge so I was quite pleased with this tally.

The video below shows the male perched close to the nest with the female incubating inside the nest box.

Whilst at this site Eastern Imperial Eagles, a single Osprey and Golden Orioles flew over, Great Reed, Savi's and Moustached Warblers all sang from a nearby reed bed, Bitterns boomed with Marsh Harriers quatering as a supporting cast. 

The video below shows the female bird feeding young just after the male had returned with food, even though the images and videos are distant here within this post it was nice studying these individuals and always good seeing falcons make use of man made pylon structures even if there is 33kv of AC running through the power-lines just feet away.