Wednesday, 10 January 2018

3 Hen Harriers in to Roost.

Mike and I decided to head out and visit one of the Harrier roosts at the weekend, the weather was looking good and so we settled in and waited, pretty much straight away birds were showing but with long periods in-between sightings which afforded us the opportunity to have  a natter & catch up and as always it is good to see and have a laugh with Mike. 

The birds did show very well at one point but unfortuantley just as the light was beyond my camera's capabilities and so I decided to just watch these buoyant beauties. We had at least 3 individulas which included 2 males and female. There was a lack of Merlin and Marsh Harriers which was disappointing, however seeing 3 Hen Harriers playfully flying around before watching them go to roost was a nice close-out to the weekend. 

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