Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hawfinch Up Close & Very Personal.

(Belated Post)

On route to the Forest I have to pass the local Hawfinch site and so I decded to pop in for an hour as the light was good. Upon arrival I was met with around 30 birder/photographers which was some what surprising. 

I decided to find a spot and just wait, luckily whilst I sat on the bench away from the crowd that were at the other end of the area waiting for birds to drink from the pools, After ten minutes the individual above came down right in front of me and started drinking from a nearby puddle.

After this I decided to walk and wait and this payed off as I was luckily enough to have birds drop down and either feed, drink or both closeby. 

I must have gone in to some time-lapse as I looked at my watch and nearly four hours had passed just like that and so that put pay to my forest visit but the light was favourable throughout allowing for some photo opportunities.

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