Saturday, 6 January 2018

Local Hawfinches...

Having not been out properly this year Mike D and I were chatting the other night about getting out to do something this weekend, the Forest and Dorset were mentioned and so we decided to put a plan together later in the week. Mike advised me that he had vsistied the local Hawfinches and how well they are showing. 

I have not caught up with any of the Hawfinch action last autumn or this winter. I guess I just blanked it as this is a species I see on nearly an every day basis when I am on forest looking for other species when sat on a view point or in a clearing. Usually they are either perched up in the distance or flying over. They are one of those species (I just and I know I shouldn't but I take for granted alongside the likes of Lesser Spotted's which nest near one of my other favoured view points). 

Then Mike advised that these particular Hawfinches are really-really-showy and are reguarly seen on the deck, again I wasn't that tempted but when Mike sent me a BOC shot I decided I really should grab the opportunity to try and grab a few shots of this species on the deck. So with a spare couple of hours I decided to give it a go and even though it was a grey, dull and murky day a small break in the clouds allowed for a few shots before having to head back. 

BW: This post is particuarly for you as you don't like the grey waders and so I hope this is more up your street?

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